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Science and Social Studies...

Hey everyone!

I am doing a bit of a report for a research paper and was wondering if any of you would be willing to answer some of the below questions?  You don't have to answer all of them, but I would appreciate a brief introduction that includes what kind of teacher you are/your grade level, what kinda school you teach at, how long (months, weeks, etc) you have been teaching, etc.  Thanks!!

-         What do you find more challenging to teach, social studies or science?  Why?

-         How important is teaching science or social studies in comparison to other school subjects such as math or literacy?

-         What do you/have you taught this year in science and/or social studies?

-         Do you find it hard to meet the curriculum outcomes your school has set for science/social studies?

-         What do you like teaching more, science or social studies?  Why?

-         How much time do you devote a week to teaching science or social studies?

End of year things to do?

My students (eighth grade English) have turned in their final essays for the year and taken their Unit Test, and yesterday took state standardized tests. The grading period is already pretty much over except for collecting make-up work. They've been asking me, "what do we do after the tests? Are we going to have fun?" but honestly I am short on ideas. I have a Cottonwood Press reader's theater play that I can do and I am going to have them write a letter to next year's class, but these things will only take a few class periods b/c ours are 85 minutes. What are some fun, but still semi-educational, things that you do at the end of the year?

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What's your middle school schedule like?


My school (middle school 6th-8th grade) is starting to talk about changing the daily schedule of classes. I told my department head that I'd ask around to see how other schools do it differently.

So, if anyone would be willing to help, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm wondering how does your weekly schedule of classes look. If you actually have a sheet of paper that gives you the entire schedule, I would love to get a copy of it!

Or if it's online somewhere, I would LOVE to see it.

My email is myconception @ gmail.com

I want to compile a bunch of them to look at and also see how you feel it works.

New Teacher Discussion Community

Teacher's Nook: http://www.teachersnook.net

Come and help us make the community grow. It's also a way to get additional support and feedback from your colleagues. (You can NEVER have enough of that! Can you?)

My name is Lily and I am currently going to NYU for grad school in educational theater (all grades) and secondary English.  I am currently doing an action research project on dramatic activities in the content classroom.  I have created a survey just for teachers.  It would mean so much to me if you guys could fill it out.  It would help me sooooooo much!

Thanks so much in advance.  This is the URL - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=8D_2fKBNc9HIqM_2fVZeH6jQrg_3d_3d


I have former students who want to keep in touch with me as they go through high school. I teach 8th grade LA and i tend to connect with the students a lot. They often come back and visit me to let me know how they're doing. For many of them, I was one of the only people who actually supported them- there are so many families that just aren't like they were when I was growing up!

I've had a myspace since it came out to keep up with my sister and friends. Then it became popular with the kids and they kept trying to add me. (I still have my account- but it's private and registered under a different name.) Now I use Facebook more often and I'm finding former students are trying to add me on that.

I would love to stay in touch with them, BUT I don't want them on my personal page. I also don't want to look at their pages-- I really don't need to know that part of their life.

I made a "teacher" myspace where I posted links for book recommendations and such, but I found that I really didn't want to have access to their myspaces.

I don't want to go that way with Facebook either (even though I think Facebook is a lot cleaner than those myspace pages.)

So my question is, is there another type of webpage (free) that I can make where students can post comments to me and I can write back to them and where I can put information like book recommendations and such?


I am looking for suggestion for Holocaust books. I'm looking for about 6 different books (I already have a few in mind) to use in literature circles in my 8th grade classroom.

We already teach the play version of Anne Frank and Night. I'm teaching 2 level 1 (high average & honors kids mixed) classes.

I'm definitely using Alicia: My Story (If you haven't read it- you HAVE to!)

And I have a few others in mind but I'm not 100% sure about them.

One that I will not be using is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I contacted a professor of Holocaust studies and he mentioned that this book portrays a very inaccurate view of the Holocaust.

Others I will not be using because they are too low of level- Number the Stars and Devils Arithmetic

Any other suggestions would be lovely.


English/Language Arts Teachers

I've asked before, but with more and more people joining all the time I figured we can do it again. :)

What grade do you teach?

How many classes do you have and how long do you see them for?

What are some novels that you have in your school to teach?

What short stories do you teach?

What are some books you usually recommend that your students read for independent reading?

Does your school have class periods dedicated to independent reading (meaning that's all you do for that class period)?

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Great American Mail Race

(cross posted to other teaching communities like crazy, sorry for those of you who will probably see this about six or seven times)

Hi! I teach 7th grade Language Arts at a small school in south Mississippi, and I've decided to do the Great American Mail Race with my students. For anybody who doesn't know what that is, I will have my students write letters telling about themselves and their community and choose a middle school somewhere else in the country to send the letters. The goal is to have the school where the letter is received do the same; each of my students will be sending at least 3 letters, and I'm not allowing any students to choose the same school; I'm basically going to be mailing letters to about 225 schools.

Naturally, some students won't care where their letters are going, so I'm trying to put together a prepared list of suggestions for these students. I would like to ensure that at least some schools will write back, so I'm hoping to confirm with at least a few people beforehand that, if my students send a letter to their class, then their class will participate and reciprocate by sending a letter back. That's why I'm posting here :) Would any of you like to receive a letter from one of my students? I teach 7th grade Language Arts, and the randomly chosen schools will have their letters sent to "7th grade English and Language Arts teacher" but if you're willing to participate and provide a specific person for me to send this letter to, then I am open to any middle school (6th-8th grade) teacher!

If you're interested, please comment here or send an e-mail to iron [dot] stylus [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line "Great American Mail Race" and include whatever information I need to mail you a letter!

Oct. 18th, 2008

Edgar Allan Poe

I was wondering if anyone knew of sites or books that have modified versions of his stories? I teach 8th grade and we do a Poe unit and have a few of his works that are modified from his original text, but I'm looking for more.

The stories we already have...

Masque of the Red Death
The Black Cat
Cask of Amontillado
The Tell-Tale Heart

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)